Villiam Virkkunen
Strategy & Culture Consultant futurice GmbH


About Villiam Virkkunen

Villiam works in the intersection of the digital and the humane, where drives change toward more digital, customer-centric, and data-enabled healthcare organisations.

During his 10-year career as an organisational development consultant he has helped multiple organisations renew their operating models, ways of working, and organizational culture towards more agile and digital.

In recent years he has helped a large healthcare organization improve their services and operations by leading a team that supports the organization adopt digital tools. What motivates him to work with healthcare, are the massive improvements that digital solutions bring to improving people’s health. Especially if these tools are in people’s hands.

To balance out his high-tempo work, he loves to wind down by trekking in the mountains, meditating, swimming, and by reading psychology and philosophy.