Digital Health Summit 10.-12. November 2021 | Munich, Hybrid

Startup Pitches

  • Top 8 pitch for EIT Health Award on November, 10, 19:00h
  • Top 20 invited to Munich
  • All receive virtual booth
  • Daniel Bahr, Allianz PKV

    Daniel Bahr, Allianz PKV

  • Frank Antwerpes, DocCheck AG

    Frank Antwerpes, DocCheck AG

  • Gertrud Demmler, SBK

    Gertrud Demmler, SBK

  • Roman Hipp, Porsche Consulting

    Roman Hipp, Porsche Consulting

  • Jochen Hurlebaus, Roche

    Jochen Hurlebaus, Roche

  • Min-Sung Sean Kim, DHV

    Min-Sung Sean Kim, DHV

  • kop zonder microfoon blauw 2
    Bart de Witte, Hippo AI
  • Viktoria Prantauer, Viktoria 1.0

    Viktoria Prantauer, Viktoria 1.0


We would like to welcome you to the 2021 Munich Digital Healthcare Summit. We are connecting a select audience from Medicine, Academia, Start-ups, and Corporates. From November 10-12, we are going to celebrate and discuss together, we will find new controversies and develop joint visions. In brief, it will be exciting. Join us virtually or live at TranslaTUM in the very center of Munich. 

The future of healthcare is digital. Let’s shape it now!

Tickets for physical presence atTranslaTUM are sold out. You can still register to participate virtually:





09:00 Uhr – Opening

Markus Schwaiger
Klinikum r.d. Isar
Ärztlicher Direktor a.D.

DigiHealthDay, European-Campus, Pfarrkirchen (additional registration necessary)

Dipak Kalra
Arthur Olesch
Prof. Dr. Silvia Thun

Organized by: Prof. Dr. Georgi Chaltykian