Dr. Wolfgang Heubisch
Vice President
Bavarian State Parliament


About Dr. Wolfgang Heubisch

Dr. Wolfgang Heubisch is the Vice President of the Bavarian State Parliament. As the spokesperson for science policy of the parliamentary group of the Free Democratic Party (FDP) and as the former Bavarian Minister of Science (2008-2013), he stands up for strong universities, with excellent research and outstanding higher education teaching.

Before his political career, Wolfgang studied business administration and dentistry. From 1982 to 2008, he worked as a dentist in his own dental practice in Munich-Bogenhausen. After leaving his position as Minister of Science and before becoming Vice-President of the Bavarian State Parliament, he served as a city council member of Munich (2014-2018). In the upcoming Bavarian state elections in 2023, he is again running as a direct candidate for the Free Democratic Party.

In order for Bavarian universities to catch up with the world leaders, he continues to lobby for a far-reaching structural reform of the universities. This includes a stronger translation of research results into the economy and society. Increasing the number of high-quality start-ups from the universities is also one of his core issues.