Dr. Pedro Gomez
Co-founder & CEO
Orbem GmbH


About Dr. Pedro Gomez

Dr. Pedro Gomez is CEO and co-founder of Orbem GmbH, a company developing AI-powered imaging technology to make the world more sustainable and healthier. Orbem achieves this by supercharging magnetic resonance imaging scanners with AI, making them so fast, accessible, and simple, that they can be used at high-throughput and low cost in the worlds of food, biology, and health.

Prior to Orbem, Pedro founded two impact-driven startups aimed at improving public health conditions in developing countries. He studied BSc Biomedical Engineering (with honors, highest GPA of graduating class) at the Tec de Monterrey in Monterrey, Mexico and then moved to Munich to study at the CDTM and TUM, completing from Oct. 2013 to Sept 2017 an MSc Biomedical Computing (with honors) as well as a PhD in Biomedical Imaging and Informatics (Summa Cum Laude).