David Higgins
Entrepreneur, CTO


About David Higgins

A former academic turned life-sciences entrepreneur. I work with funding agencies and investors in an early-stage CTO-as-a-Service role.

Since 2017, I have split my time between academia and the health-tech industry. A founder of two venture funded start-ups, one in pharma R&D the other delivering behavioural change therapy to patients, I am also a visiting researcher at the Berlin Institute of Health.

I have mentored 30+ AI driven health-tech spin-outs from major institutions across Europe. I write about AI in Healthcare on my blog at http://digitizingbiology.com. And I have published multiple peer-reviewed guides to medical AI product development and best-practices.

I am a mathematician and computer scientist with a PhD in Computational Neuroscience from the École Normale Supérieure (Paris).