Calvin Devereux
Head of technology in personalized nutrition DACH, CTO bioniq


About Calvin Devereux

Being a third generation IT guy computer science runs in my veins. I studied the topic at the TU Munich, during which I developed my love for all things tech-related. Especially the possibility of helping people to understand their own bodies made the eHealth sector very appealing to me.

With two compatriots I started my journey into the entrepreneurial part of the field and we founded LOEWI, a company that provided a data driven approach for personalized nutrition and supplementation based on blood values. Having lived through many stages of the startup life cycle with LOEWI one thing was always clear to me: the future of health will be digital. There is so much potential to better lives, to raise individual limits and to better understand our own health.

This potential needs to be realized. I look forward to meeting and conversing with you at the Digital Healthcare Summit.